Have you ever found a hidden gem that takes your breath away? A spot so beautiful, so peaceful that you never want to leave? How about a spot that is so picturesque that you’re amazed to be the only people there? That’s exactly how we felt when we discovered the Pink Lakes tucked away in a remote corner of Victoria.

Within the Murray Sunset National Park (5 hours NE of Adelaide) lies a cluster of Pink Salt lakes, the type of place you see on the viral videos and Instagram posts; Only these Pink Lakes in Victoria lay untouched by tourists, a real Aussie hidden gem! Unlike pink lakes closer to the city that is only pink seasonally, these ones remain pink throughout the year thanks to their unique salt base. It isn’t the salt that’s pink either! The beautiful colour is created by unique algae that have adapted to live in salty waters, and on overcast days will be when you can see the colour more clearly.

It was a beautiful clear day when we went, but luckily we were not disappointed; in fact, the complete opposite. Dec and I had been to see a pink lake in Melbourne but were treated with a muddy brownish, purple ‘off’ colour, so we didn’t have high hopes for these ones either. Our first glimpse of the pink reflecting off the water was amazing, a bit like seeing our first beautiful sunset in oz. It was beyond what we expected and the ‘crust’ around it looked almost beach like.

Parking Mo up in the shade we admired how we were the only people around, we have grown to expect crowds at something so beautiful. Yet here we were, just us. If you get bored of taking photo’s in and around the lakes, there are a cobweb of trails that lead around them if you fancy a bit of a trek. Each varies in length so there will be something for everyone, but for us, it was just too hot.

Tips for your very own pink lake experience:

– Take plenty of water, it gets hot even when it’s cloudy, and being around this much salt dehydrates you quicker than you think

– Take caution around the water; although the one we explored was shallow enough to walk across, not all of them are.

– Take a picnic! There are picnic benches here (and toilets) so sit back and enjoy the natural beauty. It’s not often you’ll get something like this all to yourself.

– Get there early, it gets hot quickly, so getting there early means you can get out early too before the sun melts your camera.

– Go with friends! Nothing makes an experience like this better than when you experience it with loved ones!

If you ever find yourself in Adelaide, or rural Victoria, with a spare day we definitely recommend the Murray Sunset Pink Lakes! It was a 2-hour drive from where we were base, and it seemed like a far journey ‘just for lunch’ but it was worth every minute in the van!

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