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Who doesn’t love a good podcast? Whether you’re on a long haul flight, a short trip to your next destination of one heck of a long road trip, Podcasts are a life saver – at least for us anyway! So this week I’m breaking down exactly what we listen to on those long drives. From comedy and chat shows, to true crime and food, there’s something for everyone – plus one or two you might call Marmite – but we’d love to hear what your favourite podcasts are too! So check out our list then drop us a comment below!

Phone with headphones laid on a table next to a coffee

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1. Off Menu Podcast with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

What happens when you mix comedy with food? You get a yummy podcast hosted by two of England’s best comedians. James Acaster is my latest comedy obsession and I’d be lying if I said his quirky personality wasn’t the main reason I tune in every week.

Each week they have a new celebrity guest who’s tasked with the ‘challenge’ of choosing their dream three cause meal. I’m not a huge foody but hearing what each celebrity’s favourite meals are is actually really interesting and has led us to try some food that we hadn’t thought of before. Example? Putting butter in an omelette/scrambled eggs… simple, yet de-lic-ous.

My favourite episode? Joe Lycett’s interview

This post was written in 2019 and guess what – in 2023 it’s still my favorite podcast. James Acaster is still an obsession and this episode is probably still one of my favorites, although it’s been joined by quite a few more since then!

Hosts of the Off Menu Podcast, Ed and James with celebrity guest Joe Lycett

2. No Such Thing As A Fish

This podcast is centred around the host’s favourite facts of the week, every week is completely different and completely random. Dan, James, Anna and Andy are part of the team behind the popular TV show ‘QI’… so you can imagine what facts they dig up each week.

You’ll learn things like what Walt Disney had for breakfast (ep. 20), what Comets smell like (ep. 34) and even find out exactly how many of the US presidents were shepherds (ep. 62)

There’s always a comedy twist to NSTAAF and they’re truly addictive to listen too. What’s great is there are plenty of episodes to get through if you do find yourself hooked!

3. Casefile

Love true crime? Join the anonymous host every week and listen to his chilling retelling of true crimes that have happened around the world. A lot of his episodes centre around Australian crimes that you might not have heard about but there are plenty of famous crimes covered here too.

The anonymous host does an incredible job of explaining the cases and making you feel as though we were around when they happened. They’re vivid enough to let you know what’s happening without being too vivid and making you want to switch off.

My favourite episode to date has been Case 109: Belengalo. This 5 part case follows a serial killer who was active around Sydney, targetting travellers in the early ‘90s. Having lived in Sydney for a while, and being travellers ourselves, it was a really interesting case and one I was pleased to see solved!

4. Modern Mann

This is a monthly magazine-style podcast with host, Ollie Mann, who’s one of the original podcasters, recording and publishing audio-news since before it was cool.

In the Modern Mann (one of his very many shows), he covers a wide range of topics in his one hour show from current trends and life advice with Ollie Peart to sex education with Alix Fox. Each month he interviews a different guest which can vary from an uplifting story about a man who built his dream brewery in the garden to harrowing tales about abuse or scams.

There are a couple of episodes that I haven’t been able to fully indulge in because the interviews haven’t been ‘for me’, but the majority of them raise great topics to talk about with others around you!

By 2023, this podcast has dropped off my radar a little bit. I still check in every now and then but since their release schedule changed there hasn’t been much for me. I want to leave it listed though because some of the earlier stuff is really good and just because I don’t like the newer thing – doesn’t mean you wont!

5. Answer Me This

Ready to get some silly jingles stuck in your head while Ollie (Mann… from the previous podcast), Helen and Martin answer bizarre questions?

Answer Me This is always fun to listen to and another great way to learn new random facts. Each week the answer questions that have been sent in by the listener. Sometimes they’re completely random and lead to somewhat useless information but more often than not they’re questions that you’ve always wanted to know the answer to. Like, ‘in The Lord of the Rings, why do the eagles not fly Frodo all the way to Mount Doom?’ And, ‘why are turkey eggs not sold commercially?’.

This one is no longer releasing new episodes … *cries*… but their back catalogue is still available and a must. It’s been a while since I listened, so I’m tempted to go back and start again.

6. Guys we F****d

Let’s step it up a notch with Guys we F****d. This is an anti-slut shaming podcast that focuses on having healthy relationships of all kinds. Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson are beyond open about their lives and after chatting about their week they turn to answer questions sent in by the listener.

It’s not all sex though. They talk about mental health, finding balance and generally just being healthy/happy with who you are. It’s a really uplifting podcast but one that not all guys will appreciate – I listen to this one with my headphones in 😉 

They have made this podcast only available on a premium pay-to-listen service but there are plenty of episodes still available on free players too!


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7. My Dad Wrote A Porno

This isn’t what it sounds like. Well, not completely anyway. Hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine, ‘My Dad Wrote A Porno’ was originally started as a way for Jamie to poke fun his dad’s new book ‘Balinda blinked’.

Each week they read out chapters from the book, criticizing, cringing and laughing the entire way. 5 seasons in, this podcast is huge and has provided many-a-laugh throughout our road trips.

If you’re in public, it’s the kind of podcast you listen to with headphones on but spend the whole time worrying about looking like a weirdo for laughing out loud on the train.


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8. Sh****d Married Annoyed

A new addition to the list as of 2022. I was late to the party with this one but that only mean I had a good archive to get through.

This series is hosted by Chris & Rosie Ramsay – the UK’s best comedy couple – and each week they talk about general bug bears happening in their life, answer silly questions from the pppp-public (IYKYK) and read out embaressing stories sent in by listeners – some that will make your absolute skin craw.

9. Cuddle Club

Another great uplifing podcast with a jinggle that will get stuck in your head. This one is hosted by Lou Sanders, another British comedy legend, and each week she’s joined by a celebrity to talk about cuddles. It gives you a real insight into how people’s mind works, and I always find myself baffled by those who don’t like cuddles… like, how!?

10. Where There’s A Will There’s A Wake

Ooh ok so this one is new as of 2023! Hosted by national treasure Kathy Burke, each week she talks to celebrities of all ages and backgrounds to find out how they feel about death, what their dream death would be, what they want their funeral to be like etc. It’s really morbid, but I love how it tackles a subject that is so taboo in Western culture. Even if it’s making lighthearted jokes around the subject, it really makes you think about those important questions.

11. Taskmaster Poscast

This one is a bit niche, but it might just open a whole new world of comedy TV for you too. If you haven’t heard of, or watched Taskmaster (UK – No other version compares) then you MUST because this podcast, hosted by former contestant Ed Gamble, won’t make sense without first watching it.

Every week Ed interviews a celebrity contestant from whichever series he’s currently covering, to find out more about their mindset on the show, get backstage gossip and generally laugh at the poor choices made at everyone involved. Previous contestants include: James Acaster, Russel Howard, Mo Farah, Lee Mack, Lou Sanders, Chris Ramsey and Sophie Duker and many many many more incredible names

What’s your favourite podcast? I’m always on the lookout for more podcasts to add to this list, especially comedy or factual ones, so if you’ve got suggestions, drop them below! 

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