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Are you a reprisentative looking for Officer Travels to promote your destination, activity or accommodation? Maybe you have a media trip you think we’d be perfect for or would like us to review your organisation.

Why work with us?

The answer to that is simply because we’re perfectionists and like to do a job right. We’re nothing if not professional and we know how to build long-lasting relationships with both our brands and our readers. That’s how we’ve been able to work with companies on more than one occasion.

Who are we?

Officer Travels is a travel and adventure website dedicated to bringing guides, tips and real-life stories from our experiences in some of the worlds most fantastic destinations. Long road trips are our go-to method of travelling so our readers are ones who appreciate slow travel, visiting places that aren’t often on the ‘main tourist route’.

We’re nature nerds who will head for the best local hiking destinations and photography ties our three loves together perfectly. Our road trips are never rushed, savouring the destinations way of life as much as possible and finding out how the locals like to kick back and enjoy their spare time.

Our readers are budget conscious but that doesn’t mean they don’t like to splash out on new experiences and/or equipment. They choose their expenditure wisely and aren’t tied down by tour guides or backpacker routes. They trust Officer Travels to help show them new and exciting ‘hidden gem’ ideas, whether that’s in the cities or off the beaten path a bit.

Our stories come from the heart and we ensure we’re genuine with everything that we write and our passion for photography shines through in every photo that we post. All of our guides are written by us, lead by our own experiences, with the intent to encourage others to go out and see the world and create their own memories. It’s because of this that our readers choose to follow us and ultimately buy the products and travel items based on our recommendations.


Readers of Officer Travels come from a wide range of sources including social media following and direct subscription to our emails.

They are mostly females who are aged between 25 – 55 with a big majority of them coming from Australia, New Zealand, United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Collaboration Opportunities

Officer Travels offer a wide range of collaboration opportunities that includes, but isn’t limited to;


Do you represent a destination? Run a hotel or Campground? Would you like to increase awareness of your adventure activity? Maybe you have a new travel product you know our readers will love?

Wherever you’re coming from, we can write an in-depth review to provide your brand with fantastic coverage while also boosting awareness amongst our growing audience. Through our SEO-Optimised content, we can provide an engaging account of our experience that will showcase your product or activity in the best possible way.

Press and Media Trips

You’ll love having us on your press or media trip, why? Because we’re a low-maintenance couple who work hard for the clients that contract them.

We know that work doesn’t end with the trip. We work hard even once we’re home to ensure we bring our readers high quality social media content that will elevate your brand awareness at an engaging level. When we make a promise you can be sure we’ll see it through to the end.

Photography and Videography

This is a huge passion of ours alongside travel, as you have probably already guessed by our image-heavy site. We can provide your brand with a package of high-quality photos and/or a promotional video that you know has been created by passionate travellers.

We have had our photos used by clients on their websites, posters and leaflets. We have also put together client-specific videos for them to use exclusively on their own social media platforms and websites. Our camera equipment includes professional DSLR & Mirrorless cameras (Canon) Drones (DJI Mavic Air) and adventure cameras (GoPros).

We are happy to discuss our services with you, for more information see ‘photography’ section of this website.
Alternatively, please contact

Product testing and review

If you have a new product that aligns with our beliefs and is something you know our readers will love, we’d be more than happy to try it out and provide you with a review.

This review will be an honest review that is very much dependant on our experience with your product as a whole.

Brand Ambassedor

There’s nothing more satisfying for us than introducing our readers to a brand that we love. We only promote the brands that we have tried and those that we really do love. If you would like to have us represent your brand, please get in touch to discuss this further.

Sponsored Posts

We are happy to publish sponsored posts about your brand that are written by you, or us.

Please be aware that all sponsored posts will be accompanied by a disclaimer and will not include do-follow links. All sponsored posts must align with our strict set of guidelines and fit in perfectly with other content on Officer Travels. It must be original and Officer Travels will be the only place the article will be published.


We have space on Officer Travels for relevant advert placement. So if you like the look of our site and feel we’re the perfect match, please get in touch to discuss your options.


Depending on your requirements, a collaboration with Officer Travels may include an in-depth review, social media coverage including exposure past the date of our agreement and video coverage.

Every collaboration that we agree to is executed with a high level of professionalism and written to a high standard, taking into account SEO-Optimisation to allow for the content to have a long life online. Our content is always evergreen, making it relevant to our readers 12 months of the year.

People we have worked with

Here is a selection of the Brands and Companies we have worked with in the past.

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