Here at Officer Travels we want to inspire and help you START and SUSTAIN your travelling dreams…

There are many different ways to travel. One that’s close to our heart is the “Van-Life” method!

Although not for everyone’s taste, it is definitely something we think everyone should try..  It may be named “van” life but it essentially means living within any road-going vehicle. Converting either a bus or maybe a pick-up truck, there are too many types of vehicle to mention, but people make almost anything work for them. Creating these tiny living spaces are becoming increasingly popular within all age groups, all over the world. With many pros AND cons, this lifestyle has proved ideal for us personally. Some PROs being the financial gains we have achieved and the increased freedom! Van-life can be very challenging at times; just like any methods of travel, but if you are anything like us, that’s what makes life so interesting. And let’s face it, you are ‘interested’ if you’ve read this far!

The Problem

So you’ve made your decision to have a go at this lifestyle. You’re probably thinking “where do I start?!”

Many peoples first reaction to such a question would be to jump straight onto YouTube. The internets “HOW TO” Guide. This would be a great idea, however, a lot of people just dive right in and go down MANY rabbit holes to find the info they are looking for. AND don’t always find it! Having to spend hours/days/weeks watching the wrong channels with misinformation and generally slowing down their own progress in life.

The Answer

The Van-Lifer Directory© here at Officer Travels is exactly what it says on the tin… A directory with 15 of some of the BEST Van-Life YouTube creators within the community – all in one easy to find place! These 15 have given us all we need to know about starting “Van-Life” and quite a lot about travel in general.

ALL having experience in travel and Van-Life. Whether it be building a home in their vehicle -entirely from scratch or giving tips on how to actually live in one, these people know their stuff and present it in a TOP LEVEL and COMPETENT way.

ALL of the people within this directory have at least 10k subscribers, which proves how useful and entertaining they are.

We can personally vouch for these channels as we have subscribed and followed them for a few years now. They have been great help in making our ‘full time’ travel dream a reality. So through our own experiences, inspirational content and by us featuring the very best Van-Lifers on YouTube, you can gain all the knowledge/motivation you need to make your VanLife dreams a reality –  a lot SOONER and longer LASTING!

To get started, just click the link to whichever channel that takes your fancy. To aid you further, we have added a short bio description to each channel’s link, including any additional products or information from them.


Bob Wells – cheapRVliving

Bob Wells is considered a GURU of VanLife. With over 15 years experience in living on the road and organising RTR (a massive gathering of the nomadic community for those that don’t know) his channel “cheapRVliving” is full of education and entertainment. His videos include tours of all different vehicles and “how to do” videos of just about anything in VanLife. Bob is a real corner stone to the nomadic community and with a massive following, many learn a lot from him, We know we have!

Dylan Magaster

On Dylan’s channel you will find a vast amount of van and tiny home tours. This is a great channel to source multiple ideas and lots of inspiration to help you choose the right vehicle to inhabit. It also gives a massive amount of insight to the world of VanLife as Dylan himself has converted and lived in a Chevy G20 van! Dylan has a huge amount of experience and a massive following within the travel and VanLife communities. He has even lived on boats! Subscribe to his channel and you won’t be disappointed. Definitely content you can binge on!

Dynamo Ultima

Lexi and Cody are legends when it comes to living full time VanLife and being your own boss whilst on the road. These Digital nomads own a beautiful self-converted van. What we enjoy about them is their passion for the outdoors and the environment. Lexi and Cody do a great job in showing you how to live a more minimalist lifestyle, giving people great ideas and ways to adapt better to VanLife. Like us they believe that travelling, being outdoors and the conservation of the environment should all go hand in hand.

Eamon & Bec

If you’re looking for excitement, enthusiasm and just a general passion for life.. then meet Eamon and Bec! They give loads of tips and tricks, personal experiences and entertainment to their audience. They cut out the “BS” factor of VanLife, which is super helpful to most people who are looking to start this kind of lifestyle. By constantly giving genuine and positive content, Eamon and Bec can always bring a smile to your face. We might add, they are ninjas at VanLife cooking too.. so defiantly check out their cookbook!

Greg Virgoe

Probably… no defiantly,  the most detailed van-build series we have found on YouTube. Gregs channel is predominantly about showing you how he built an incredible camper conversion in his Mercedes sprinter van. It is probably a more professional build than most conversion companies out there to be honest. Greg has years of experience in engineering and strikes us as the type of guy that can build ANYTHING! All his videos show how much time, effort and competence he puts into his build. With the sheer amount of detail within his videos, they are actually quite satisfying to watch whether or not you’re building a van yourself!


Hugh is the creator of “HughTube” with outstanding van building and travel tips, you really need to check out his channel! For just one guy alone he has built a lot and plans to build even more! He uses great photography/cinematography skills to document his projects in a professional way. Hugh also works on many varieties of vehicles in his workshop! Coupled with his endearing and ambitious personality, he is defiantly one to watch!

Kombi Life

Kombi life adventures created by Ben and Leah, really helped put VanLife on the map! They have been creators on Youtube for years and during that time, have gained a mass following. Travelling in their VW Kombi bus and wanting to literally drive across the globe in it, VanLife doesn’t get much more adventurous than that! A HUGE inspiration and source of infomation, Kombi Life needs to be in your subscribe list!

Max & Lee

Max and Lee along with their dog Occy are really popular YoutTubers and it’s no surprise why! They have travelled in places like Canada, South America and Australia and are well experienced in all things VanLife! Aside from that, they are really genuine and entertaining to follow! We have followed them for awhile now and we’ve actually experienced similar situations. Watching their videos has helped us a lot with many things!

Nate Murphy

Nate is a rock climber who decided to create an inspiring camper van conversion! His channel also includes tours of other vans he has seen on his travels which helps spread some great ideas within the community. Nate has a “Van Conversion Guide” available on his website.

Sara and Alex James – 40 Hours of Freedom

If you’re looking to build a sophisticated and elegant conversion to your van, Sara and Alex James from 40 hours of Freedom are absolute masters! They really do bring glamour to VanLife, proving living in a van can be both practical and stylish. They are so entertaining to watch and the information they share is top level. We nearly forgot about their gorgeous dogs.. Nugget and Bambi!

Tim and Fin

Also their happy little pooch called Pepper! They have been all over the world, New Zealand, Canada, Alaska and Asia  and many more. Their TRIPPED series is a must watch for travel inspo and tips. Tim and Fin went BIG and converted an RV into an awesome home on wheels. Although they don’t currently live in it, their experience and knowledge on VanLife is plentiful!

The Indie Projects

Theo and Bee from The Indie Projects are full on grafters! This couple have lived in a VW T4, converted a sprinter van into a beautiful camper and are even converting a horse box! And to top that off.. they’re building an off-grid homestead too! The Indie Projects are a great example of people who enjoy what they do in life and always give 100%

The Matneys

These VanLifers and now recently turned HouseLifers, are a prime example of how awesome your life can be whilst living in a van! They have heaps of videos and info on topics such as costs of living in a van, beginners building a van and even hygiene in a van! With entertaining and informative content, The Matneys make you feel like part of the community straight away!

The Nomadic Movement

One of the sweetest couples in Van-Life along with their dog called Lola! Their channel really inspires everyone to hit the road but especially the young couples out there with a sense of adventure and passion in their hearts. Experienced in traveling in places like Mexico and Alaska in a fantastic short bus conversion, they are great to learn from. They also make pretty awesome music!

Trent & Allie

Oh and of course their awesome dog, Frank! These two have been such an inspiration to myself and Leah.

With their incredible job on converting a RAM PROMASTER these two really know how to Van-life! What makes this couple so watchable is that they are so down to earth and they absolutely radiate positivity! Constantly throwing out Tips on how to VanLife and simply sharing their experiences (both good and bad!) This channel is a MUST subscribe!