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Here at Officer Travels we want to inspire and help you START and SUSTAIN your travelling dreams…

There are many different ways to travel. One that’s close to our heart is the “Van-Life” method!

Although not for everyone’s taste, it is definitely something we think everyone should try..  It may be named “van” life but it essentially means living within any road-going vehicle. Converting either a bus or maybe a pick-up truck, there are too many types of vehicle to mention, but people make almost anything work for them. Creating these tiny living spaces are becoming increasingly popular within all age groups, all over the world. With many pros AND cons, this lifestyle has proved ideal for us personally. Some PROs being the financial gains we have achieved and the increased freedom! Van-life can be very challenging at times; just like any methods of travel, but if you are anything like us, that’s what makes life so interesting. And let’s face it, you are ‘interested’ if you’ve read this far!

This Vanlifer Directory was created to help you learn more about van life. From how to build a van, how to fund full time travel and how to survive on the road.


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