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  • Calling all adventurous wonder women! Van dwelling is the ultimate ticket to limitless freedom and lifestyle flexibility. Are you gutsy enough to try it? Rouse your inner gypsy/rebel with this intimate introduction to van dwelling. It’s stocked with DIY tips and tricks for turning a vehicle into a home (on any budget) and emotional resources to gracefully sidestep the psychological pitfalls of such an unconventional lifestyle. With concrete advice and personal reflection from an experienced solo van dweller, this guide thoroughly covers the basics of everyday life in a van with a refreshing twist of self-empowerment and a whole lotta sass. Topics covered inside: -- vehicle selection -- DIY ideas for customizing your mobile abode -- ventilation -- parking tips -- showering and toilet needs -- safety for solos -- earning an income -- mental health as a van dweller ...and much more!
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    This Australia East Coast Road Trip Guide is the complete series. Save some money with this bulk package that contains our three previous guides bundled together in one 56 page guide. This is the complete package full of everything you need when it comes to planning your road trip along the entire East Coast, from Melbourne to Cairn. Find out all the hot spots to see along the way, the best places to camp, what apps were the most helpful for us when it came to safety and camping AND heaps of handy budget ideas. If you're a newbie to road tripping, have major FOMO or simply just want to make sure you have everything you need - this guide is just what you're looking for!
  • Hit the open road with this practical and inspiring guide. In the first half, you’ll discover how to choose and customise your perfect van, and get it fitted for sleeping, cooking and storage. In part two, we’ll tell you how to stay safe, save money and park legally, then share the best road trips around the world, complete with awesome itineraries. Lonely Planet’s The Vanlife Companion is a great introduction to the global #vanlife phenomenon and is geared to helping you have amazing adventures of your own, whether you’re building a van from the inside out or renting one for the trip of a lifetime. We feature 20 classic campervan routes to fuel your wanderlust and hear from people about how they got started and life on the road.
    • Features 20 classics, must-drive campervan routes across Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, West Africa, Nepal, Australia and Canada
    • Expert advice, tips and guidance from our travel experts
    • Profiles of #vanlife personalities and how they created their dream vans
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