mt taranaki at sunrise with a plane flying over


After many failed attempts of capturing this image of Mt Taranaki, we eventually got the perfect conditions… A cold crisp sunrise without a cloud in the sky after the days and days beforehand, where the entire mountain was hidden behind thick cloud and fog. Beyond that, the timing was perfect as an airplane whispered past.
lighthouse at sunset

The Light of Castlepoint

From one of our favourite spots in the North Island of New Zealand, Castlepoint. Spending a full two days exploring this beautiful coastal village and hiking the outstanding cliffs (as featured) this place will forever hold a place in our hearts.
beach at sunset

The Line

Sometimes we put barriers in our lives, preventing us from reaching our full potential or getting what we really want. Most of the time they are merely illusions created by fear or doubt. The perfect shot to me was on the other side of that line of water in the sand and all I had to do was get my feet wet.
gold grassy hills

 The Golden Hills of Te Mata

The rolling hills really stretch as far as the eye can see here at Te Mata and I was fascinated with the golden coloured grass, shimmering in the breeze. As we hiked to the ANZAC tree (featured) I will never forget how ‘at ease’ I felt whilst visiting this tree and the beautiful landscape it belongs to.
sheep in the hills in the rain

The Lost One

Sometimes we can seem lost, stuck between heaven and hell with no real direction in life. I believe that if you keep your head down; work hard and weather the storms, you will find your way.
river through tongariro

Middle Earth

One of the best hikes of my life here at Tongariro Nation park, best known for being a filming location for Lord of the Rings. It was extremely cold and the landscape was harsh but stunning none the less.
sheep on rolling hillside - North Island hikes

The Way Home

Finding your way in life is a never ending journey. For me, it’s about enlightenment and being grateful for having the sun shine down on you.
rocks in water

Secret Stones

The Moeraki Boulders are fascinating. According to Maori legend, these boulders are gourds washed ashore from the great canoe – Araiteuru when it was wrecked upon the shore in New Zealand many years ago.
A rusty vintage car in the Australian outback


This image sums up the Australian Outback perfectly to me. The black and white hard truth is, this place ain’t no joke! this abandoned vehicle from a time long ago really shows how remote and harsh the landscape is.
tama lake in snow

The Lake Escape

As light spills into the water, Tama Lake escapes from the valley at one of the highest points in Tongariro National Park
cliffs at beach

Deliverance Bay

 Deliverance Bay provides a challenging hike; the edge of this fin-like rock made for some incredible views. We were constantly reminded of how the ocean has shaped this area over time as the waves boomed against the cliff face
cloud at mt cook

Tearing the Sky

The Maori name for Mount Cook is Aorangi or Aoraki, meaning cloud piercer. It certainly tore open the sky that day!
cliffs reflecting in the ocean

Time to Reflect

Whilst trying for a unique composition in such an amazing location I couldn’t stop thinking… There was just something about this cliff.
THE MOST FAMOUS thing to do in Wanaka

The Photographer’s Haunt

That Wanaka Tree. One of the most photographed trees in the world lives here at Lake Wanaka NZ. Often shot whilst the lake’s water levels are high, giving the illusion that it grows straight from the water.
sun rays through mist on a field with mountains in the background

Far-North Queensland

The sunshine cuts through the heavy humidity of air, causing a curtain of light across the mountains of Far-North Queensland, Australia.
dying tree with blue lake in the background


Whilst in the highly volcanic area of Rotorua NZ,  I was looking for a woodland shot to show the vast difference this type of environment has on the trees and vegetation. Such beautiful colours to see but quite an eerie experience none the less.