Adventures Are Forever…

… Even With Pets!

Here at Officer Travels, we believe your adventures don’t have to stop once you are joined by a furry friend! So we’re  going to show you everything you need to know about pet friendly travel.
Explore pet friendly destinations with us, learn from our mistakes and follow our journey as we introduce our street pup rescue, Lilly, to the world of adventure travel!

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You can judge a person’s true character by the way they treat their fellow animals.

Meet Lilly


I followed my hoomans home just before Christmas Eve, it was a long 3 hour walk but I knew they were good people who would help get rid of all the worms in my tummy and give me some really yummy food to help me grow! They call me their Christmas miracle because apparently they’d planned on getting a dog in the new year but I found them first. The nice vet lady explained to my hoomans that I’m a Portuguese Podengo who was likely abandoned by a hunter who didn’t want any more puppies – it happens a lot in Portugal, I’m one of the lucky ones.

Now that I’m fit and healthy, I’ve really found my feet in life. I love horse poop, my stuffed sheep (Gordon Ramsey) and chasing butterflies. I love playing with other dogs, but sometimes I get too excited and bark a little – we’re working on that. I looooovvvee meeting people too, especially when they want to give me fusses.

People said I’d hold my pawrents back in their travels but I don’t! I’ve been to mountains, cities, beaches – everywhere – with them, and we want to show you how to do that with your pooches too!

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