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So… whilst living in England, we felt we didn’t quite fit into the idyllic jigsaw that we call “adulthood”. We knew there was something missing, add to that a sky full of gloomy clouds and dullness, it was a big recipe for change.

We spent most of our evenings watching travel programs, reading travel blogs and basically adding fuel to our fire for a travel lifestyle. Eventually, our mindset began to change.

No longer feeling trapped, we realised that maybe; just maybe if we wanted it hard enough, we could be adventuring full time too!

Only crazy people would sell their home and belongings, then move to the other side of the world! Leaving it all behind, taking nothing but a backpack each and an open mind – That’s impossible right?!

Well, that’s exactly what we did… then Officer Travels was born!

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There are so many amazing places in this world.

From the beautiful coastlines of Indonesia
to the vast landscapes of Australia…

We want to take you on an adventure of a lifetime.
So come with us and discover somewhere new!


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On our travels, we often meet people who inspire us.
Everyone has a story to tell and we want to share them with you!

Read the top tips these travellers have for first-time globetrotters
and see what made them take the leap into following their dreams!


“Travellers are dreamers who made their desire for adventure a reality!”

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Whether you’re a beach person or a lover of hikes,
we have a guide for you!

Are you planning the perfect escape?
Do you want to find out how to get cheap fights?
Even looking for hacks to avoid jet-lag

We’re here to help…



Kombi Life


From our own experiences we know how frustrating it can be trying to find people on Youtube, who actually know what they are talking about when it comes to Van-Life…

Officer Travels has created The Van-Lifer Directory to save you heaps of time and effort in your search for competent AND entertaining YouTuber content!

The Van-Lifer Directory is a fantastic tool if you’re wanting to find out more about the “Van-life” lifestyle or find all the top Van-lifers on Youtube in one spot!

Learn and be inspired from the best Van-lifers and get your own travels underway sooner!

The Van-Lifer Directory is just one click away…


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