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Whilst staying in Chalon, France, we were kindly offered a place to stay in the nearby church accommodation. We didn’t know what to expect, but let’s say we certainly won’t forget this experience in a hurry; here’s our night in a French Haunted Church.

Our home for a few nights:

We walked through the iron gates into the courtyard just as the sun was starting to drop. The Crows in the trees made their presence known as we ascended the concrete stairs to our dorm.

The main door opened with a creek into a short hallway that split in three directions. We were led to the right by the church caretaker, down a long corridor lined with dorms on either side.

Once inside ‘Chamber 14’, our room for the night, we found ourselves alone to settle in. The room was bare, with minimal things a person would need for the night; A sink in the corner. Thinning aged curtains on the windows. The shared toilets and showers were back on the main hallway; I made a mental note to not need the toilet in the night.

As we sorted the bedding we joked about the sort of people who might have stayed here before; and those that might have even died here too. 

Christmas time meant we were being left here alone. Most people were home with families now, but that didn’t stop me dragging Dec with me when I needed a wee.

In all honesty; It wasn’t who else might be staying there that bothered me, it was the thought of the graves next door. They brought back scenes from popular horror movies and unnerved me slightly… only slightly! 

Like something out of a horror movie;

Remember the hallways in ‘The Shining?’, the long drawn out walls, creaky floors and the flickering lights?

That’s exactly how it felt for me walking back to the dorm.

It was only early evening but there was no way I was doing that trip on my own. Definitely not in the early hours!

I got comfy in bed trying not to imagine things that could be wandering the endless hallways. Ignoring the creaks of the trees from outside. 

Pretending I didn’t just hear that strange bang as the wind hit our window.

I managed to get some sleep that night, I think; It was hard to stop my mind running away with me.

As a result, I woke before Dec and laid listening to the unfamiliar noises still going on throughout the building and outside while he laid peacefully unaware.

After taking a quick shower (with Dec still stood guard) we packed up and headed for the courtyard.

That’s when I wished I had my camera with me and not packed in my bags;

Hovering low to the ground was thick grey fog. The trees looked menacing as they peered up through it towards the sky. The Crows talked angrily at us as we crossed the gravel towards the car.

Had this been the sight that greeted us the day before I think it’s safe to say my sleep would have been a bit more broken.

Although thinking back on our night in this unique accommodation still makes my skin crawl, I’m grateful the church gave us the chance to stay at this unique Haunted French Church; Even if it isn’t somewhere I’d rush back to!!

Where’s the weirdest place you’ve found yourself for the night?

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