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As you guys know over the past two years, we’ve been travelling full-time around Australia in a little campervan and blogging about our journey, bringing our readers guides to some of our favourite places. As well as inspirational videos and overall road trip itineraries.

By becoming a member through Patreon, you will be supporting our next adventure around New Zealand. We’ll be buying a bigger and better campervan then hitting the road again to bring you, our patrons, an even more personal view of our exciting new adventures. You’ll get our first impressions and personal stories (sometimes rants) as well as access to more in-depth itineraries outlining our budget, camp reviews, places we visited and everything in between.

Most importantly, through being a Patron, you’ll be supporting our work by ensuring we can continue to bring progressively higher quality content to those interested in the travel lifestyle. This will give us even more time to be creative and focus our energy on helping you guys start to live the life you want.

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Patreon is a members-only website that allows you guys to support our work (if you want to, of course!) and as a thank you, we’ll send you monthly ‘bonuses’ like product discounts, exclusive content and a chance to view posts/videos before anyone else! Don’t panic though we’ll still be producing free content and through your Patronage, we’ll be able to focus on it more to bring you even better posts!

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