Spanish Cave House

A Guide to Cave Accommodation

I’ve stayed in many hotels, loads of campsites, a few hostels and even a haunted church; but nothing compares to sleeping in a cave – that’s right. A Spanish Cave House. You might have read my post on ‘A guide  to Galera’, where I talk

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New Year's Eve in Spain

A Spanish New Year’s Delight

We chose to celebrate the end of 2015 in my favourite little place; Galera. We discovered so much on this holiday from new view points at the top of the mountains, to the extent the Spanish will go to make you feel welcome. All this

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A guide to Galera – The Village of Caves

A Spanish gem; Nestled in the mountains of Granada, Southern Spain, is my favourite little village in Europe; Galera. Just 1183 Spanish locals live here, and a handful of british; most likely attracted to the rural beauty and unique character it has to offer. When

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