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Hey!! I’m Leah!! A Twenty-Something-year-old nature obsessed backpacker travelling with my not quite thirty-year-old Fiancé, Declan 😉

Do you have a long list of places you want to visit but not sure how, or where to start?

That’s ok, we didn’t either! That’s why, through our trials and triumphs of our own experiences we created Officer Travels, where we aim to bring you guys ways to travel for as cheap as possible and help you see the travel life really is within reach!!!

After years of thinking we couldn’t afford to travel to see all the places on our list, here we are; 6 months into our backpacking adventure across Australia (#1 on the list!!)… and we want to help you realise you could be following your travel dreams too!!!

To help you, we’ve put together a series of how to’s’ to help you save those pennies, plan your next adventure and help deal with all the extra baggage that comes with travel (plus so much more!). It’s scary, we know!! but you CAN do it!

With a little bit of faith, trust and wanderlust not much can go wrong!

It all began for us when we took a very last minute road trip to across England, we didn’t plan or book a single thing. We just packed up the car and went. It made us wonder what else we could achieve with a little less structure than we’re used to in day to day life. With a bit more research we realised that travel could be more than those hotel resorts and camping holidays we grew up with as kids. We discovered working holidays existed and the burn to leave our hometown a bit more permanently grew into a bonfire!!

And here we are, living in Australia, one year on from making our final decision to leave the UK. If you have a similar dream I promise you, it really is doable! I believe it, and so should you! With a little help from Officer Travels, we honestly believe you’ll be booking your next flight out of your home country and exploring a bit more of the world.

We’re not perfect, we haven’t been everywhere, but we’re willing to learn and we want to bring you along with us. It’ll be a bumpy ride, but we’ll get to where we’re going eventually! Who knows, maybe we’ll see you along the way?

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