Things to do in Melbourne

Our Melbourne top picks!

It doesn’t matter how many times you walk a particular street in Melbourne, you will always discover something new, whether it’s a little lane way coming off it you missed before, or a store with a hidden entrance; there is something waiting behind every corner

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What a month in Melbourne will teach you

Our first month in Melbourne!

Whoa where did July go?! We’ve been in Melbourne a full month now, and yes, we’ve been absent from here for the entire time. Sorry. So much has happened, I’m unsure where to begin! Melbourne is an absolutely fantastic city, if there were more like

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Jet Lag

We underestimated Jet-lag

Everyone knows when you travel through the time zones you’re at risk of getting jet lag, in fact it’s highly likely. There’s tons of information on how to prevent it; but nobody ever talks about what jet lag is, or how it can affect your first

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China Southern Review

Our China Southern 4* Review.

Choosing who we’d fly with from the UK to Australia wasn’t a decision we took lightly; We wanted comfort within our budget and a nice long layover. We wanted to know that our luggage (if we chose to check any) was going to be safe but also

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A guide to packing hand luggage only

Tomorrow we head to London where we’ll await our 18 hour one way flight to Australia. We still haven’t packed our backpacks. We have 36ltr bags a 5kg limit and no checked luggage…. Luckily enough, I created a loose packing guide weeks (honestly; months) ago to give us

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